Mobile Design Brighton

Put your business in their hands

Your customers are searching for your business everywhere… even while using the bathroom. Let’s just hope they wash their hands before they place a new order.



Responsive Web Design is our favorite mode of taking a site mobile because it enables media queries that size your site to the users device screen size, either smart device, iPhone, tablet, or full size desk top screen.  In short, responsive web design is designing websites that will be responsive to the wide variety of screen formats and device types currently available. This includes designing websites that look and function well on mobile devices, tablets, notebooks, and wide screens.


In addition we also develop Mobile Apps and we will do thorough research and analysis to properly define the detailed requirements and functions of your mobile application prior to having it built. Each display screen will have a design draft for you to review and approve before programming begins. Applications are written in the native language specific to the mobile device type and for their respective platforms or operating system (ie: iPhone and Android). Your mobile application will be thoroughly tested and vetted within the guidelines of the online mobile store of choice, iTunes, Google Play, or both.